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Enviro-Max bags use a special micro-lined media, making it 99.7% efficient down to 5 microns, even capturing particles as small as .1 micron. This makes them ideal for customers that are interested in a quality bag. Compare Enviro-Max bags to your present bag and you will be able to see a difference. These are commercial grade, anti-microbial filter bags designed for some of the most popular equipment in the market today.


- FREE FREIGHT on all orders of 20 or more cases of vac bags - mix & match
- No minimum order amount required, order a single package or by the case
- Same day shipping on all in-stock orders right up until 5:00pm ET
- High quality, drop it replacement, OEM fit and performance – guaranteed!
- Mix & match case quantities to get extra savings on cases, 10+ cases and 50+ cases!
- Wholesale only


Part Number                                  Fits                                                                       

ADV107413586 / 107407587           VU500
ADV1406554010 / 1406554020       HipVac H, 400, SR, UZ 964
ADV1471058500 - 107413584         ADV Spectrum, CKE Carpetmaster
ADV56100919                                Nilfisk BackVacuum, BackVacuum XP
ADV56391185                                VS20 Whirlomatic
ADV56704181 / KNT1412990000    14 XP, CarpetTwin 14-18, Duravac 152(B)
CKE50721B                                   Combi-Vac
CLNCMP12                                     CleanMax Standard Pro & CarpetPro
ERK54924FG                                 F&G Vac
MIN141602PKG                              V Pro, V14 Pro, V14 & V17 Pro Plus
MIN293012PKG                              BPV - Back Pack Vacuum
MIN370202PKG                              MPV Upright, C37115-14 & 18
NSS68-9-0241                              Marshall
NSS71-9-0461                              Pacer
PRO100331                                   Mega Vac, Super Coach Vac
PRO100431                                   Quarter Vac
PRO103483                                   Prolux
PRO103484                                   Prolux
PRO107313                                   Super Coach Pro 10QT
PRO107314                                   Super Coach Pro 6QT
TAS85021-60                                Tapiset 38 / 45
TNN1014505                                 Nobles Ultra Glide, TNN 3110 & 3120
TNN391978                                   Nobles Ultra Glide, TNN 3110 & 3120
TNN611780                                   Vac Pac
TNN611783 / 611787 / 1067457     Lite Track, 3220, Viper, UV-1600
TNN611784 / 900036 / 1067458     Magna Twin 1600, 2200, 2600, 3240/3260
TNN612058 / 1067455                   Nob. L.Track, Cas. UV1600
TNN612059                                   Magna-Twin 2600, 2200, 1600
TNN612084 / 1067459                   Trailblazer, Trialblazer Lite
TNN613225                                   Vac Pac
TRNK69042940                             CV30 & CV38
TRN90147                                     Tornado CK 14/2 Pro 98152
WIN2003 / 86000460                     Versamatic
WIN5300/86000500/86284840       Sensor, Versamatic Plus
WIN8.628-479.0                            Axcess

- All bags listed are available per pack or in cases of 10 packs
- No minimum order amount required, order a single package or by the case
...107313 will get you a pack of bags to fit PROTEAM, while PRO107313C will get you a case containing 10 packs
...107313CT will reveal per case pricing at the 10-case level
...107313CF will reveal per case pricing at the 50-case level


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