Blog: Brush Quality Matters

Brush and Broom Quality is a Proven, CORE Value at MVP!


C - Correlates to OEM specifications for a drop-in replacement!


CORE VALUE: We will NEVER sell you a cheap brush/broom and undercut the quality to save a buck.


You never have to worry about a “will-fit” brush or broom with MVP! As with all our parts, we strive to provide a drop-in replacement that is guaranteed to fit and perform just like the OEM version.


O - Overall performance will impress your best customers!


CORE VALUE: We constantly look for ways to improve the quality of our brushes and brooms so you will get a product that you can be proud of.


We work hard to match up the proper specifications for everything from dimensions to fill material, translating into your customer getting the performance they expect! Sometimes our extensive brush and broom experience can help us offer even better suited fill material to match your customers specific application.


R - Replacement warranty is the BEST in the industry!


CORE VALUE: No Worry, Hassle Free, 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee of any brush/broom you purchase.


We never want you to be concerned with the quality of the product you receive from MVP. So we offer an unprecedented, unmatched, unwavering 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on our brushes and brooms! If we carry it, you will never have to worry if it will fit or work the same as the OEM product ... we guarantee it!


E - Equals an increase to your bottom line!


CORE VALUE: The only difference you will notice between OEM and MVP brushes and brooms is the savings!


We absolutely will not sacrifice quality to save a buck and are not in business to sell you something today that you will be upset with tomorrow. We also realize that while we know you will love our quality, it's the savings that will really keep you smiling! We never forget that providing quality products at a great price is how we started 20+ years ago!

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