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MVP as your Parts Department


Service professionals know that their time is best used working with their customers to solve problems, not hunting down parts. This is why many dealers and service centers use MVP as their single-source for all of their floor cleaning equipment parts needs.


Not only are we able to help you look up parts and pull from our vast inventory, but you can also rely on our expert parts professionals to hunt down those less popular parts! If you are looking for a few items that MVP does not carry and you do not have a good secondary source, you might want to use MVP as your single source for all of those parts. Our parts pros will help look up the parts, find where we can get our hands on them and quote you a competitive price. We even check on the source's on-hand availability so that you can count on a good delivery time!


Putting the entire order through MVP can help you by:


  • Cutting only one PO
  • Saving on freight charges
  • Saving significant time by not having to call multiple vendors
  • Having to only cut one check or run only one credit card transaction
  • Knowing that MVP's expediting department will track your order all the way through


Whenever MVP tells you something is a "special order" item, that means that we do not stock it due to lack of demand. While we do not stock these items, we would be more than happy to quote you price and availability on these special order parts if it would help you save time and allow you to spend more time working with your customers.


For over 20 years, equipment dealers and service centers have loved using MVP for our huge inventory as well as for how easy we can find things we don't stock. You can count on MVP's PROVEN support to make your job easier!


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