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How to get the most out of MVP's improved

"save the cart" feature


This improved function will help you save your frequently used groups of parts so that you don't have to keep looking them up, speeding along your ordering process.


Start by simply searching for parts. Enter as many numbers as you want, separating them with a comma (,).




Now, add them to your cart by selecting the quantity that you would like and then hitting "add to cart."




Anything that you add to the cart will appear in the shopping cart preview, to the right. You can continue to do more searches and add as many things to your cart as you would like.




Whenever you would like to save your cart, click on the "view saved orders" link above the shopping cart preview.




Here, you will see all of your saved shopping cart lists. Click on the "create new order from cart" button to create a newly saved order.




Don't forget to give it a memorable name!




Now, your newly saved order will appear with your other saved orders.




This is now saved for your future use. If you want to retrieve that saved order, simply go back to the "view saved orders" link, choose the order that you would like to use and click the "load" button. It will then take that saved order and place it in your shopping cart! From there you can add or subtract parts or quantities and place your order as you normally would.


We are constantly looking for ways to improve our customer experience. Our improved "save the cart" feature is another example. Whether you want to save a searched list for tomorrow or a list of parts that you buy every few weeks. This improved feature puts even more power at your finger tips, saving you precious time.


For over 20 years, equipment dealers and service centers have trusted MVP with their business. You, too, can count on MVP's PROVEN, easy to use website to make your parts research and ordering fast and easy!


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