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First, about those hoses.  Yes, the one on the right is actually the one that another parts company supplies as a replacement for Advance 56397142.  The one on the left is the one that the OEM and MVP supply.  Grant you, the one on the right is a couple bucks cheaper.  But other than being a type of hose, there is little else the same as with the OEM.  Note on the left: the perfect-fit cap, the molded cuff designed to clip right on the hanger, the full pinch-cuff neck that insures the operator doesn't spill a drop until they get to the drain -- all are things missing from the one on the right.  Not pictured, at the bottom of the hose, you would also see the hose on the right featuring a standard cuf, where the OEM and MVP hoses feature a molded hose with a groove for your clamp to fit snugly in place.


Yes, we could have gone the easy route and provided a readily-available, basic hose like this other supplier has.  But that's not what customers have come to expect from MVP! 


What would your customer think if they went from their OEM hose -- or one from MVP -- to the one from the other guys?  Yes, both are hoses that will hold water.  But when you can get a precise, drop-in replacement from MVP, why settle for "close enough?"


Don't Let Poor Parts Waste Your Time!


Service professionals know that their time is best used working with their customers to solve problems and fix equipment quickly. This is why many dealers and service centers trust MVP for parts because we do not just offer generic parts -- they are precise, drop-in replacements for the OEM parts!


When you get a cheap part that is just "close enough" you may have to shim, adjust, reconfigure or modify the part in order for it to work -- all things that waste your time and cost you money! We want to make sure your tech's billable hours are best utilized and efficient as possible. MVP selects parts not because they are cheap and "close enough" to the OEM, rather, because they match the OEM for fit, performance and overall quality.


MVP has a devoted Product Development and Quality Control team that works tirelessly on making sure our parts are to the exact specs of the OEM. They will never cross two numbers together just because they are "close enough."   These professionals pride themselves on the fit, performance and quality being at least as good as the OEM and they will not bring it in for stock if it is anything less. A lot of parts are even purchased from the exact same place that the OEM buys from!


Buying parts from MVP will help prevent things like:


  • Wasting time making parts fit by shimming, adjusting, reconfiguring or modifying
  • Re-ordering correct fitting parts
  • Multiple freight charges to reorder the right parts
  • Multiple trips to the customer that may not be billable
  • Pushing service work back due to reordering parts
  • Quoting wrong parts with our expert part-look-up assistance


For over 20 years, equipment dealers and service centers have trusted MVP with their business. You, too, can count on MVP's PROVEN drop-in replacement parts to help take care of your customers quickly and keep their equipment running!

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