Blog: Loyalty Matters

MVP Sells through distributors only.

Not big-boxes.

Not hospitals.

Not schools.

Not BSCs.

Not at any price.

Not for any volume.

If your present parts partner is not MVP, can they say the same?


Do you want to compete with your parts supplier?


From the beginning, MVP has been dedicated to protecting it's distributor's parts business by offering high quality floor cleaning equipment parts through distributors only -- meaning we do not sell to end-users.


These days it’s too easy for end-users to find places to buy parts online. MVP recognizes this, which is why we put every new potential account through a rigorous screening process. Our goal is to support our distributors so that they can help the end-users -- not to compete against our distributors! Everyday we field calls from large and small end-users from all over the world, referring them back to our loyal distributors!


What does it cost you when your supplier sells direct to your customers or potential customers?

  • Lost parts sales

  • Lower margins to compete for

  • Missed service opportunities with DIY jobs on machines

  • More handling and freight due to a lack of trust in their ability to dropship safely


Will your supplier sell to your end-user customers...even at different prices?

  • Are they bidding against you?

  • Are they pressuring your margins down?

  • Can you trust them with your customer info?

  • What is the message that they are selling to the end-users? That their distributors can't take good enough care of them?


More importantly what does it cost your customer?

  • Reliable service to keep their equipment running

  • Expertise and diagnostics to ensure they getting the right part the first time

  • The relationship with a local expert that can identify and provide other solutions for their company in addition to their expert repair service


For over 20 years, equipment dealers and service centers have trusted MVP to help keep their business with THEIR BUSINESS! You too, can trust in MVP's PROVEN loyalty and know we are here for one person…you, the distributor!



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