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Brush Quality Matters

Apple CoreBrush Quality is a CORE value at MVP!

We proudly provide brushes and brooms that meet our customer's high standards...

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Easy Returns Matter!

Return Checklist-Return ChecklistMVP's return process is easy and quick!

While we hope you don't have to return anything anytime soon, if you do, we will make it as smooth as possible!

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Our Pros are YOUR Pros!

Customer Service Team 2016-02-24-6-Customer Service TeamLet MVP be your parts department!

Service professionals know that their time is best used working with their customers, not chasing after parts. Let us do the leg work...

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Squeegee Quality Matters

Squeegee-MVP Proven Squeegee Blade Selection Guide

Quality. Precision. Performance. MVP squeegee blades are manufactured from the highest quality materials available, to exacting tolerances, meeting or exceeding OEM specifications. Some of our most popular blades are even produced from proprietary material compounds...

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Service Matters

Parts ProfessionalOur Parts Professionals have seen it all!

Whether it is a part-number look-up, finding optional materials, or hunting down an unfamiliar part, you can rely on MVP to help you tackle your daily part challenges! Let us help you be the expert to your customers!

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Quality Matters

Time-clockQuality Matters at MVP!

You will not find any cobbled hoses or almost-correct casters at MVP! Sometimes places offer off-spec parts, like those above, because it is easier or cheaper for them than offering the exact, replacement part. That's not good enough at MVP! Our drop-in replacement parts...

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Loyalty Matters

HandshakeDo you want to compete with your parts supplier?

From the beginning, MVP has been dedicated to protecting it's distributor's parts business by offering high quality floor cleaning equipment parts through distributors only -- meaning we do not sell to end-users.

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